Maison Philippe Roche™ is the result of the cooperation of artisans, articulating everything that relates to beauty (hairstyling, beauty treatments) and to creation (dresses, accessories, decoration) for any occasion or event that you wish to make unforgettable.



Creative and romantic beauty, from the bride to her backdrop.





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Marriage is at the heart of everything we do. After all, our creative offer was first based around this event.  We concentrate on all of its creative and visual aspects:


– Decorating reception areas, ceremonial places (church or other religious sites), bouquets and table centres, napkins and chairs, small table gifts, table cloths and glasses, or decorating wedding cars, displaying lights and candles, preparing table plans and menus, invitations and place cards …


– Creating dresses for the bride and her entourage (maids of honour, accompanying children, cocktail dresses), as well as accessories: hair, veils, wreaths, tiaras, beading and jewellery (necklaces, earrings, broaches, silk flowers)…


– Hairstyling for the bride and her nearest and dearest: hair buns and curls, sophisticated styles or very natural ones, blow drying, colouring and hair treatments.


– Make-up and commissioning beauty , face and hands.


– Make-up and beauty treatments, for the face and hands.


– We can create private areas to prepare your ceremony. We can come to you, if you wish, to your hotel or directly to where your wedding is being held – we’ll even travel to the other side of the world. Why not?


According to your requirements, we can call upon several different specialists (wedding-planner, photographer, graphic designer, masseur, manicurist…), and put you in contact with the most beautiful reception venues in Provence with which we have been working for several years.