The team

Philippe Roche

Creator of Maison Philippe Roche™, Philippe has accumulated a vast experience, from exceptional hairstyling to couture, via decoration and floristry.  His curiosity and love of hand crafted objects, his passion for the very best in artistic craftsmanship and his enthusiasm convinced other creative specialists to come together in this shared project, similar in its spirit to the guilds of the Middle Ages. Creation is at the heart of everything he does, placing emphasis on materials from the past and accessories, and he oversees the workshop from couture to decoration. You will find him working at every creative level, as well as personally welcoming his clients.




A eulogy to craftsmanship and expertise.




Jack Bouffier is head of our workshop. For over 20 years, he has created costumes for the theatre and cabaret, and is a master of all styles of couture. His dresses, as structured as they are evanescent, are dazzling. From his long experience of variety shows and theatre tours, he has acquired the certitude that the beauty of a garment is revealed in its movement.  His dresses combine comfort and elegance.

He is also our make-up specialist.






Joël Migliaccio, associate hairstylist, officiates at N° 7 rue Loubon, the new hair and make-up area next to our showroom which can be taken over for private sessions at N°9 of the same street.  His key words are patience, listening and expertise. Having worked in the field for almost 30 years, he is just as committed, just as eager as when he started, constantly perfecting his art and his techniques, always studying the latest innovations.







Danielle is a highly experienced colour technician and a specialist in highlights, adding a touch of sunshine to your hair. And her talents don’t stop there; in addition to her beauty and hairstyling skills she has an incredible passion for flowers that are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for her.  Her creations are always light, colourful and refreshing.








is the virtuoso “hands” behind the creative workshop. Her agile fingers give life to the sketches of dresses and accessories “flowers and feathers” or beads, pleats and laces. She embroiders and also sculpts jewels and buttons, and can create something beautiful from next to nothing.