Maison Philippe Roche™, our business


Handcrafted creations for weddings, celebrations and ceremonies – from preparing the bride for her big day (hair-styling, make-up, manicure, beauty treatments) to making the dress and all accessories.

Maison Philippe Roche™ will also decorate your ceremonial and reception areas.




Beauty as a craft – from hair styling to couture.





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Maison Philippe Roche™ merges the savoir-faire of several specialists from the beauty world (hair-styling, beauty experts) and from the creative domain (dresses, accessories, decoration) to make your event unforgettable, whatever it may be.


Maison Philippe Roche™ is the realisation of a dream held for many years, exploring several paths leading to what it is today. It is inseparable from its eponymous creator, Philippe Roche, who has infused it with a lifetime of experience – firstly in hairdressing, then in the world of the performing arts, fashion, and decoration and jewellery creation.


It’s all about living material, people, about creation and sensitivity as seen by our creative experts. And it’s about giving form to important and sensitive moments in our clients’ lives.


Our company’s objective is to shape long-held dreams, and shared ideas. Shared firstly with the members of the team, associates, partners or collaborators, all types of craftspeople with a passion for their area of expertise – people whose heart and art lies in their hands.


Skilled hands that work on behalf of their clients, welcome them into their work space – creators and craftspeople who love their work and working alongside their clients at such important moments in their lives – weddings, of course, but also ceremonies of all sorts, parties, shows and special every day moments.
From hairstyling to jewellery, decoration, clothes, make-up as well as beauty treatments: we can create private areas within our working space to enable you to prepare in a serene environment.


We want to devote time to things, time to listen, to the small details, to your wishes and ideas.


From a love of things well done comes a natural affection and admiration for works from the past. This is why a part of our creative activity is based on reworked vintage. It’s particularly about enabling different periods of time to come together, recognising the skills of the past, and then using these to invent our new era, offering you the best of it.