Accessories and Jewellery, laces, embroideries and beading


At the very heart of our « eulogy to craftsmanship », lies the work dedicated to accessories. Feathered combs, crystals, veils and flowers, ribbons and laces, beads and plaits. You will find them all in our showroom, but as each event and each bride is unique, we can also create accessories: jewellery to wear around the neck or in the hair, broaches and veils, garter or button hole, in line with your chosen dress code – whether it was created in our workshops or elsewhere.  The aim of the accessory is to “perfect” – so that you will indeed be perfect.



The irreplaceable refinement of handmade details.



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Beautiful workmanship is what we bring to the table. Our “skilled and busy hands”, seamstresses and dress designers, embroiderers, jewellers or lace makers, can bead corsets and veils, put together garlands of silk flowers, adorn necks and hair – offering you truly unique creations. It is in all these details that refinement finds its home. It’s a real “Made in France” refinement. Everything that isn’t actually made within our own workshops comes from the best suppliers in France.